Bloom was founded by four design driven fathers with the desire to bring meaningful innovation and contemporary design to a range of baby products that have traditionally been functional but not consistent with modern living.


Bloom designs convey simple, clean, iconic forms that exist seamlessly in contemporary living, dining and sleeping spaces, all the while providing the safety and comfort babies and toddlers need.




For All The Fashion Lovers!

A community-driven online shopping site dedicated to high-end second-hand fashion for women, men and kids. It was founded in 2009 with the aim of offering a high quality, community-driven platform through which members could buy and sell their second-hand items. It quickly became France’s leading luxury re-sale site.

The site stands out from other platforms by its singular quality control process and by its active community of fashion lovers. 100% of items sold are manually checked by our control quality cell. Vestiaire is a true community of over 2 million members , on which members from all over the worlds can exchange freely , and have access to a unique and worldwide catalogue of items that are in perfect condition, almost new, and always on-trend.  On vestiaire you can find a wide range of brands on Vestiaire Collective. From vintage Chanel jackets, Saint Laurent pumps to the more accessible brands like Zara or Maje.




Artisanal Chelsea

We know: Brooklyn gets all the press about people making pickles and knitting and fashioning furniture out of oil drums.  Manhattan, by way of contrast, appears to be the Island of Mass Consumption. But there are people making things—some really yummy things—pretty much from scratch right here in Chelsea (and yes, we wrote about a few maker-folks several months ago—but it turns out there’s more!).



Haven’s Kitchen is a “recreational cooking school,” market & coffee bar, and event space.  Not only is it full of locally made delicacies and charming tabletop items from Paris and elsewhere, but it is flat-out gorgeous (when can we move in?).

Haven’s makes a few specialties of its own, each of which makes a lovely hostess gift: pancake mix, popcorn (unpopped), and granola all are delicious and reasonably prices.


Haven’s Kitchen

109 West 17th Street (between 6th & 7th Ave.)

(212) 929-7900



Neighborhood Notes, 08/15

Ice Cream Time

The arrival of summer is the perfect excuse (if you need one) to sample the city’s frozen wares. Ice cream has not been immune to the artisanal makeovers sweeping almost every New York food category—below you will find some of the more inventive newcomers around the city.

Charming Fellow

Photo courtesy of OddFellows

Cornrbead, Chorizo Caramel, Blueberry Buttermilk…Chef Sam Mason, former wd-50 pastry chef, has created cutting-edge flavors for the brand new Williamsburg ice cream parlor OddFellows. OddFellows serves up small-batch, all-natural ice cream made from locally-sourced ingredients as well as floats, milkshakes, egg creams, and sundaes.
OddFellows Ice Cream Co.

175 Kent Ave.
(347) 599-0556

Two Scoops in a Beaker

Photo courtesy of Il Laboratorio del Gelato

Peer through the massive windows of Il Laboratorio del Gelato on the Lower East Side for a glimpse into the science of ice cream (ok, its close cousin, gelato).  Clearly a lot of experiments are taking place, producing flavors like Amaretto Crunch, Walnut Nocello, and Butternut Squash. Portions come in cups or in made-to-order shakes, and all of the gelato is prepared from local and organic ingredients.

Il Laboratorio del Gelato
188 Ludlow St. (at Houston)
(212) 343-9922


Melt in Your Mouth

Photo courtesy of Melt

Surely the ice cream sandwich deserves its day in the sun. Thanks to Melt Bakery, fans of this frozen treat can enjoy concoctions like Lovelet (cream cheese ice cream + red velvet meltcakes) and Cinnamax (snickerdoodle cookies + cinnamon ice cream).

Melt Bakery
132 Orchard St. (between Rivington & Delancey Sts.)
(917) 589-1912


Photo courtesy of

Culture isn’t just another Pinkberry copycat. It’s homemade yogurt and frozen yogurt made from fresh, local milk and live probiotic cultures. It’s the most refreshing snack for a sweltering day, with changing flavors such as Blood Orange with Vanilla, Stumptown Coffee, and Pink Guava. Not only are they flavor innovators, they really think ahead and put your topping choices on the bottom of the cup as well, so you don’t run out of those key lime pie bits or salted caramel popcorn.

331 5th Ave.
(718) 499-0207


Neighborhood Notes, 07/15



All France, All of the Time


This French patisserie features delicious and authentic pastries including brioche, tartes, chocolate-covered souris (pictured) and various gateaux.

La Bergamote
177 Ninth Ave
(212) 627-9010

Photo courtesy of Maison 140

Check the weather in Paris as you enter this specialist home décor shop (it is always posted on the chalkboard outside). Find well-curated French linens, tableware, and other home furnishings.

Maison 140
140 Ninth Ave.

(212) 255-0022


Neighborhood Notes, 06/15

Local Style


noun. A person visiting a person or place.


noun.  A person who is traveling or visiting a place for pleasure.

Dictionary definitions do not quite capture the difference between visitor and tourist, do they? In our opinion, visitors tend to go where the locals go, blend in, and mirror the pace of their environment. Tourists announce themselves by traveling in larges, carrying out sized gear, and gathering at sites culled from years of television and movie consumption.

But we have sympathy for both groups.  After all, travel is hard on the feet, and do you really want to invest lots of time and money without seeing Times Square?

But what to do if you have visitor karma and tourist tastes? Below, our guide to nearby tourist spots and how to visit them like a local.


Hudson River Park

Photo courtesy of Paper & String

Weekends are madness along the Hudson: the locals are not braving the crowds—they are actively seeking them as an audience for public display of athleticism or other antics.  Our advice: strap on your roller blades, get out there, and show your stuff on a Saturday afternoon.

If crowds aren’t your thing, enjoy the more sheltered Chelsea Piers area.  Find a bench and check out the occasionally over-the-top boats docked in the marina.

Hudson River Park
West Side of Manhattan along the Hudson

Magnolia Bakery

Photo courtesy of Magnolia Bakery

Many locals will tell you that Sex and the City and other forms of television fame ruined Magnolia Bakery forever.  If you must have a cupcake, just go to Billy’s, they’ll say.  Or: cupcakes are so 2009. Try the Doughnut Plant.

But Magnolia can still be pretty wonderful.  The volume is sufficiently high that there is a good chance that your cupcake is freshly baked, and the frosting really rocks.

Magnolia Bakery
401 Bleecker St. (corner of West 11th St.)
(212) 462-2572


Neighborhood Notes, 05/15

Where You Should Be

Arguably, you should be on the roof of this fabulous hotel, soaking up today’s rays. But if you feel the urge for a stroll, you should be here:

Where is here?  The High Line, just between 14th & 15th Streets, where there is an abundance of sun and lounge chairs.

When you get hungry, you should be at one of the places below that offer lunch, dessert, and a fine jolt of joe.


Delaney Barbeque

Pork ribs are the answer. (“What makes a meaty lunch?” is the question.)  $12 for one-third of a rack.

L’Arte del Gelato

Classic Italian gelato with top-notch ingredients. Stracciatella for you chocolate lovers. $3 for piccola, a small cup with one flavor, or $5 for grande, bigger cup with up to two flavors.


People’s Pops

If you sit in the sun for a few minutes, you will find it really is warm enough to eat a popsicle ($3.50).


Blue Bottle Coffee

Winter, spring, summer. It is all the same to us when it comes to coffee—that is, we must have some handy after every proper lunch. Rev up your walk with a tasty espresso.

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